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Your site doesn't have necessary data to get initial traction. You lose your customer and business. Enter Fourcle.

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If you're starting a new online education website, your customers will expect at least a few courses to start with. If you have fewer courses, you may find it challenging to get traction to your website. In growth hacking perspective, you should avoid presenting your courses site that doesn't have much courses data.

Fourcle is the best choice for your new online education course’s website. Here you get courses data feed from different online education websites. This will generate traffic for your website.

We provide courses data API for many courses and educational websites. Our famous data sources are Udemy, Udacity, SkillShare, Khan Academy, Treehouse, The Great Courses, Lynda and Coursera. We do keep adding more and more data sources for our API offering. Using related MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) API endpoints, you will be able to get all course catalog feed.

Subscribe to Fourcle and get single MOOC data feed API and use courses and data from multiple data sources.


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Subscribed users of Fourcle get API for the data feed. Fair-use policy apply for all API requests. Frequent fetches will block your IP.




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Testimonial from Happy Customers

[Image: Mohammed]
I had no idea about growth hacking. Then worried about duplicate contents. As I'm not faking the contents, all are happy.
[Image: Aussie]
My online education site is now having more courses. My users are happy that they can find so many courses in my platform. Thank you guys.
[Image: Jeni]
I thought it is a complex process to get initial traction. But, thanks to Fourcle... everything follows with real data.
[Image: Mike]
I was loosing customers everyday, as I had no idea about having initial data. Now I am really happy